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Cheap international calls from UK

Do you have friends, family or colleagues who live outside the UK?

Although it is far easier today to make contact with them than it used to be, sometimes it is necessary or preferential to pick up the phone. But what of the cost and what is the best way?

Where to good quality find Cheap International Calls.

international calls

International call charges used to be very prohibitive and although they can still be costly, there are ways of dramatically reducing these costs, especially if wi-fi is not available to either you or the person you are calling.

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Dish Washer to CEO – An Amazing Journey of an extra Ordinary Entrepreneur

The most important element for any start up to succeed is a good idea, strong determination, passion to follow your gut and tenacity.

Meet Ryan Novak who as a teen started his career working part time at his home town at a chocolate shop in Marcellus, New York. His job involved washing dishes, mopping floors and cleaning the trash. Later at the age of 21, he bought Chocolate Pizza Company from Bonnie Hanyak who also taught him the traits of being a businessman and became his mentor. In an age where scores of startups fail during the first five years of their operations, Ryan Novak not only turned his company into a huge success, but also took his Chocolate Pizza Company nationwide. Today his business has over 1,500 wholesale customers and continues to record exceptional growth over the past few years.

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6 Attributes of an Entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? Have a look at the following traits of a smart and driven entrepreneur:

entrepreneur,starting in business,start up Hertfordshire1. Ambition – the need to succeed

If you believe that you can change the world with your product or business then by all means do so. Successful entrepreneurs start with one small great idea and with their passion to succeed in all aspects of their business; they come up with ways to turn their ideas into reality. Without ambition, no product or service would be up in the market, there will be no competition and we will all be eating and drinking the same food, driving the same cars and using the same bar of soap. If you’re ambitious, talk to a mentor today and let your passion explode.

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Charlie Francis – The Ice Cream Wizard

Meet British ice-cream wizard Charlie Francis, a former advertising industry veteran from Wales, who got so bored from his job that he started his own Ice Cream Company “Lick Me I’m Delicious.”

Francis’s ice cream company was quick to create a buzz among ice-cream fans with its exotic product line including ice-cream made from jellyfish protein and a machine that produced edible mists available in 200 flavors like Swirlywoosh, Whizzbang and lobster.

The mobile liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor “Lick Me I’m Delicious” is all set to record its growth from £60,000 present turnover to £140,000 in the coming year.

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What is an Entrepreneur?


what is an entrepreneur,business help in HertfordshireThere are many traits to being an Entrepreneur but here are our top three most endearing ones.

It’s often said, that an entrepreneur is a person who sees an opportunity; seizes it and exploits it with little to no regard to the barriers of the opportunity. This seems like a very “textbook” definition of an entrepreneur. It is easier to enumerate the definition of an entrepreneur with three essential characteristics:

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What attracts a talented employee to an SME?

Whether you’re a new business, or an established SME, getting your hands on new talent can prove difficult. This is especially true for those with a specialised skill who may already be in a secure position.

employing people in small business Hertfordshire

Without the support of a generously funded HR department, you might find it hard to get the message out there about why a prospective employee should work for you, so it is very important that you emphasis the successes of the SME and figure out exactly what aspects will appeal to prospective employees. Not too sure? We’ve put together a handy guide for you!

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Watching the Costs in Your New Business

Starting up a business can be one of the most challenging tasks but also one of the most rewarding. Part of the planning and preparation, is to make sure that you are financially sound. Whether you are taking out a start-up loan or financing the business yourself, it is vital to keep costs to a minimum, wherever possible and in the most effective ways.

Shop Around

This should be something that you do often. When you are buying equipment, don’t cash flow,starting a business in Hertfordshirebe too hasty to purchase everything brand new. It really does pay to shop around. Think of exactly what you need everything for. Will a refurbished computer do the same as a brand new one? Chances are, it will.

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General Election 2015: What this means for small business

With just over 45 days until the UK General Election, people all over the country are trying to decide who is worthy of their cross on the ballot paper, and this goes for small business owners and startups too.

election 2015,small business owners, business advice Hertfordshire

Business owners and the Election

So when one third of the private sector turnover comes from small business, it’s no surprise that the main parties are starting to look at getting small business owners on side.

There are various pressure points that political parties can address, which are of concern to small businesses; whether that be business rates, cutting of red tape, or regional development.

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Small business branding and the importance of the logo

Marketing,business advice in Hertfordshire

Text Box: Photo: Wikimedia

Large companies world-wide know how important branding is, it has been long recognised that having a solid brand brings plenty of value. But to many small business owners, the time taken to implement a quality visual identity seems like it would drain too many financial resources and take away valuable time too.

But even with a limited budget, small and medium businesses can benefit from the impact of a well-honed image, because at the very base of the issue, a brand image can allow an SME to stand apart from the competitors. 

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A getting-started guide to Twitter for small and medium business

business advice in Hertfordshire, twitterAs a small business owner, you probably hear the words ‘digital marketing’ and ‘social media marketing’ thrown about. The importance of getting your brand out there on the internet is key to any business growth, but really all you need to know is how using Twitter can get you more referrals, leads and, in the end, how can it get you more customers?

We’re going to explain why using Twitter is so integral to your marketing strategy but also offer XXX tips on how to make Twitter work especially well for your small or medium business.

Looking back to move forward

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