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Review of your Business:

Would you like a free business review?

Like most independent business owners, you probably set up your company so that you could develop your product or service in complete autonomy, away from the politics of the large-corporate world – whilst looking forward to the challenge of being your own boss.

So, how much of that original vision have you achieved so far?

And how much has your progress been hampered by the day-to-day responsibilities of management: – staffing, logistics, facilities issues, accounting, audit, banks, VAT, legal matters, computer systems – not forgetting the all-important matter of cash flow?

MD’s tell us they simply want more time – time to get back to being

creative and innovative, time to focus on customers, to develop new products and services and to plan new sales strategies.

Is this you? If so, there IS an alternative.

When you contact DAA Consulting, one of the first thing we can do is carry out a free business review*.

This review is carried out in your premises and by one of our trained Business consultants or advisors. The review will usually take between one and two hours to complete, after which our advisor will present you with an honest, down to earth report and analysis of your business along with any recommendations.

“These recommendations will highlight any areas where our consultant feels he could improve profitability, reduce costs or better utilise resources within your business”.

There are no catches nor are there any obligations on your part to accept any of our advisors suggestions or recommendations. You can simply accept the free business review and do nothing, or you can engage with the consultant and discuss how you can work together, so that he or she can implement their recommendations.

The review is totally independent and unbiased and all information will be treated in the strictest confidence. The recommendations given within our free business review will always be in the best interests of your company, intended to reduce costs and increase profits and remember – the choice is always yours.

Our consultants will never ask for an up front payment or enter into any agreement that will stretch your company’s finances or make their work unaffordable.

Contact us today for your free business review: 01707 527725

Download a copy of our free ebook: “A Guide to Starting and Running a Small Business”

* There is a £0.45p per mile charge for meetings over 10 miles of EN6 postcode. For meetings over 30 miles (or 1 hour travel time), an additional charge will apply. Please contact us for details.

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