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Watching the Costs in Your New Business

Starting up a business can be one of the most challenging tasks but also one of the most rewarding. Part of the planning and preparation, is to make sure that you are financially sound. Whether you are taking out a start-up loan or financing the business yourself, it is vital to keep costs to a minimum, wherever possible and in the most effective ways.

Shop Around

This should be something that you do often. When you are buying equipment, don’t cash flow,starting a business in Hertfordshirebe too hasty to purchase everything brand new. It really does pay to shop around. Think of exactly what you need everything for. Will a refurbished computer do the same as a brand new one? Chances are, it will.

The same can apply to things like business insurance. When you’re shopping around, compare the best tailored quotes. It’s convenient to do everything online but never underestimate the benefit of negotiating with someone on the phone.

Finally, there are a number of business banking options on the market, for new businesses. It is not uncommon for banks to offer businesses free banking or reduced fees, during the company’s early stages. Seek those deals out and make the most of them.


There will come a point where you may need a PA, a graphic designer and a copywriter but can you afford to keep them all at once? Maybe you can but is it smart?

Making good use of cloud storage can also be beneficial and save you money on software. With free programmes like Google Drive, Evernote and Skype, running your business, it is easier than ever to get the work you need, without the cost of employing people full time.

Get Great Advice

Without a professional casting their eye over your business plan, it can be difficult to see where you could make better savings. A business analyst is the ideal individual to advise you, from an objective standpoint. They will look at your plans, suggest improvements and improve your strategy. You will inevitably reduce costs, seeing the benefits in the short and long term.

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