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Driving underprivileged children.

When the transport company that David Boore was working at folded, David knew that one particular customer had a requirement which he felt he could manage.

The customer was a local council in North London and they were responsible for underprivileged and children with special needs, who needed transporting to and from school. The collapse of the transport company David worked for in the middle of a school term and just weeks from Christmas, meant that the council had an urgent problem. David contacted the council and offered his help, but the reality was that the council needed 16 mini-busses specially adapted for disabled passengers along with 16 drivers and someone to oversee the whole operation.

With his knowledge and experience of what was needed from an operational point of view, David contacted DAA Consulting who introduced him to a suitable finance company and helped him negotiate the finance as well as the contract with the council. Within weeks, with the assistance of DAA Consulting, he had acquired the vehicles from the receiver of the transport company, sorted the finance, agreed the deal with the council, taken on the drivers of the old company and by the start of the new term in January was up and running.

Three years later, the company is still going strong and David has managed to negotiate other contracts and secure more work.

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