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Month: March 2015

Watching the Costs in Your New Business

Starting up a business can be one of the most challenging tasks but also one of the most rewarding. Part of the planning and preparation, is to make sure that you are financially sound. Whether you are taking out a start-up loan or financing the business yourself, it is vital to keep costs to a minimum, wherever possible and in the most effective ways.

Shop Around

This should be something that you do often. When you are buying equipment, don’t cash flow,starting a business in Hertfordshirebe too hasty to purchase everything brand new. It really does pay to shop around. Think of exactly what you need everything for. Will a refurbished computer do the same as a brand new one? Chances are, it will.

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General Election 2015: What this means for small business

With just over 45 days until the UK General Election, people all over the country are trying to decide who is worthy of their cross on the ballot paper, and this goes for small business owners and startups too.

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Business owners and the Election

So when one third of the private sector turnover comes from small business, it’s no surprise that the main parties are starting to look at getting small business owners on side.

There are various pressure points that political parties can address, which are of concern to small businesses; whether that be business rates, cutting of red tape, or regional development.

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Small business branding and the importance of the logo

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Large companies world-wide know how important branding is, it has been long recognised that having a solid brand brings plenty of value. But to many small business owners, the time taken to implement a quality visual identity seems like it would drain too many financial resources and take away valuable time too.

But even with a limited budget, small and medium businesses can benefit from the impact of a well-honed image, because at the very base of the issue, a brand image can allow an SME to stand apart from the competitors. 

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